Best New Sketch Act 2013-2015

From 2013 to 2015 Sketch Club co-produced “Best New Sketch Act” in association with The Gilded Balloon in Edinburgh. Here’s a list of all the winners, finalists and heat competitors.

2015 – Winners: Mid-Brow
(Gilded Balloon Finalists: Marshall & Hart, Laughing Stock, Shirley & Shirley, Best Boy)

Heat 1 : Kitten Killers, The United Colours of Comedy, Marshall & Hart, Croft & Pearce, Steve Palace.

Heat 2 : Minor Delays, Laughing Stock, Loren O’Brien, Legion of Doom, Omar & Amir, Mid-Brow.

Heat 3 : Shelf, Chinfinger, Shirley & Shirley, Flip & Maggie: Women of an Uncertain Age, Guilt & Shame, Best Boy.

2014 – Winners: Hennessy & Friends
(Gilded Balloon Finalists: Massive Dad, UnderDogs, Fun Bags, This Glorious Monster, Lead Pencil.)

Heat 1: Competing Acts: Croft and Pearce, Zazu, UnderDogs, Burgis and Mann, Sketchy Theatre, The Dead Secrets, Massive Dad.

Heat 2:  
Competing Acts: Hennessy & Friends, Rat, Dead Pony Society, Cook and Davies, Legion Of Doom, Fun Bags, Chinfinger.

Heat 3: Competing Acts: This Glorious Monster, Masters of None, The Jest, Muju, Lead Pencil, Mugging Chickens, Discount Comedy Checkout.

2013 – Winners: Staple/face
(Gilded Balloon Finalists: Revan & Fennell, Gerardine Coyne, Mixed Doubles, Ladies Live Longer, The Real McGuffins)

Heat 1: McNeil and Pamphilon, Three Half Pints, Revan and Fennell, Sad Faces, Allnutt and Simpson.

Heat 2: Staple/face, Four Screws Loose, Short and Curly, Stephanie Jory, Hannah & Barri.

Heat 3: The Awkward Silence, Twins, Gerardine Coyne, Spoon, Heffernan & Fletcher.

Heat 4: That Pair, Steve Palace, Simply the Jest, The Humour League, Rory and Tim.

Heat 5: Patch & Dunn, Ladies Live Longer, Beth Vyse, John Dredge, KWAT.